Hidden and Tremendous Beauty: University of Pretoria Experimental Farm


This blog will be a photo journal blog. The point is that the images speak louder than words. In this blog I will be reflecting on my own visit to the Experimental Farm at the University of Pretoria, in Hatfield. The farm I found when going for a run through the sports grounds. It’s a very strange feeling to be running in a city and then suddenly only a few hundred meters from home is a farm. This blog will document some of my feelings with the nature in the farm as well as be accompanied by many photos.


The photo’s that you will see are taken over a period of three months. (In that time I have had a change of cameras a few times.)


There is a small river that flows along the fence of the farm. It forms a part of a stream that flows into the Apies River, which eventually ends up in the Pinaars River.



There is an algae just below the surface. It creates the most beautiful marbling patterns. I find them extremely soothing.



Sometime our human imprint leaves a mark…



The ducks are the overseers of the land here.


There is a little lake that feeds the stream, where the ducks have an island.

What is beautiful about taking runs there is that, I am completely alone. That is not intact true, there are hundreds of birds around, on the floor there are mountains being built and around me is the subtle hustling of aliveness.



I enjoy being in the surprisingly large open areas that surround me. What also strikes me every time is the smell of manure, grass and the absence of car.


The University of Pretoria has one of the largest and well-kept university farms in the country. There are cattle, sheep, orange, lemon and a few other orcheads.

What is also beautiful is the open fields, where wild grass grows.


This was my valentine’s day bunch of flowers.



It is not that no one goes there, there are many boys who run from the boys res’s that I see in the afternoons and evenings. The farms are visited during the day by the agriculture students. Next to the farm and the sports grounds are recreation grounds, where there are braaiing facilities, accompanied by tables and chairs.


However many people do not know that there is a small paradise inside Hatfield, Pretoria. For one to go into nature or to be able to see beauty one doesn’t always have to look too far..

However my favourite part of my run is always the clouds… IMG_8187.JPGIMG_8600.JPGIMG_9117.JPGIMG_8824.JPG


All images taken by Anushka Kempken.