An Introduction/birth/welcoming to myself…? :From Anushka Kempken



So, I’ve been taught that to be able to persuade someone or make yourself more convincing you need one of two things (preferably both). Thing 1: a good reputation. Thing 2: have something that the audience can identify with. And… I have neither.

But, therefore I plan to at least explain who and what I am so that you may come to identify yourself to me (so that I may convince you into believing all kinds of weird concepts and thought, mwahaha). No, seriously, I think about some crazy things that I think everyone should be thinking too.

But, we digress, back to the topic: of painting a picture about myself. First and foremost, I am a human being; this means I am a feeler, and emotioner, a soul and active thinker. After that, I am a part of a family and a community. I am the eldest child of five siblings. I am an artist. I mainly paint or make some form of art, everyday. I am a musician. I am a South African. I am a student. My main module at varsity is Visual Culture Studies, so I watch a lot of movies, music videos, series and I analyse them and make conclusions about our society. Scary and exciting stuff, I know. I then try to incorporate a lot of those ideas into my art and daily life. There is no point in learning something that is unapplied, sorry grade 10 calculus. I also read a lot, but I’m also not your average bookworm. So, call me what you want, but I like being my own head-in-the-clouds-princess and your names of me are irrelevant.

It is a strange ideas to be telling, I do not know how many people, but all of them strangers, about myself. But there is beauty in that because you’re strangers, therefore I will not get as offended as I would if one of my friends tell me my blog is nonsense, so please feel free to as me annoying questions.

Now, that the admin is out the way, may this be a learning curb to both of us and I look forward to our next encounter.

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